Listeeeen, if your credit report’s looking like it caught the struggle bus, I’ve got news for you… 

In fact, let me spill the tea right now: It’s Time to Snatchback Your Credit!

And just like the name suggests, I’m going to give you the tactics, strategies and training you need to Get Your Credit Scores Snatched!

Inside this Bundle, you’ll find the insider credit tricks us Credit Experts know but never share.

Not me, though - I’m pulling back the curtain and giving you all the goods so you can kiss those wack credit scores goodbye!

Your course is going to cover everything you need to get clear on your path! 

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Add On - Credit Repair Planner for only $10.00 

Credit Repair Planner 

Special one-time offer, only $10.00!

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If you’re looking to Soar Your Credit Scores AND KEEP them RAISED, I’ve got you covered! My 50-Page Credit Repair Planner is filled with checklists, worksheets, trackers, and MORE so you can stay on track month over month, year after year!

Filled with worksheets, checklists, trackers, AND MORE, this is the bestie you need to consistently manage both your Money (King) and your Credit (Queen) so that when you Snatchback Your Credit; it’ll be FOR GOOD!!!

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One of the best investments even! In just 2 months, my credit score increased tremendously, at leat 50pts and just last week it went up 11 more points! You won't be disappointed.

Nidia Myrick 

I get frustrated often, walk a way for a day or two don’t focus on the repair. I want everything to happen in an instance that I drive myself crazy but then I put the credit binder down and let it be then I inbox Netiva Heard and tell her I’m going crazy and she helps me get through the craziness. I tell myself flowers don’t grow overnight and my credit won’t change overnight so remember that. Stay encouraged and post in the group for support. 

Ebony Colkey 

Netiva, just know you are the S***!!! I've attended webinar where I colda had a V*... but you honey!!! Are the truth

Sha Denise 

Snatchback Your Credit Bundle!$99

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Inside Your Bundle You'll Find: 

My Step-by-Step Starter Guide - You’ll Know the Exact Letters to Send off & When!

Master Credit eGuide - So You Can Snatchback & KEEP Your Scores on Track!

25 of my BEST Dispute Letter Templates - Just Plug in Your Info & Mail!

My TOP Credit Boosting Cards & How to Use Them!

My Best Resource for Keeping Your Scores Snatched!

And MORE (a few extra Goodies)!

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Just checked my Equifax disputes. Three student loans deleted. It wasn’t 100% accurate. I’ll post the picture when my daughter gets home. Credit Karma won’t let me screenshot it…. Whoot Whoot Thanks Netiva Heard you rock. I love your knowledge.. on periscope I’m the coupondiva82. I’m always asking questions and you’re so knowledgeable. Thank you.

Aziza Spencer 

When I joined this group back in October, I knew absolutely nothing about credit nor my score. I stayed nights on end in this group and got to work! Not even 3 months later, I’m blessed to advise others in here and outside the group of simple advice. My score jumped almost 100 points in 3 months (on the 14th!) I’ve been approved for 3 credit cards, Finger Hut, & reduced my debt by $6,000 w/another $14,000 pending removal! Oh, && I’m in the 600 club (basically). None of this wouldn’t be possible without the simple knowledge of Netiva Heard. I’m not a client of hers BUT she has taught me so much!!! Thanks to my credit guru!

Sha Denise 

My Score Went up 77 points by getting my utilization down to 13%. I was added as an authorized user! Thank you Netiva Heard. You're the best!!!

Sha Denise